Scandalicious Book Reviews Features To the Edge

It’s so awesome when one of my novels shows up unexpectedly in one of my favorite blogs. This amazing review of To the Edge was featured today at Scandalicious Book Reviews, along with some read recommendations that went on my Kindle on the spot. Good bye long, stressful workweek. Hello hot, sexy, sizzling weekend reads.



Here’s the review:

To the Edge by Anna del Mar (At The Brink #2)

When Noah happens upon Clara, she is in a compromising position. Her research “Dom” seems to have abandoned her. As irony would have it, Noah is the long-lost love of Clara. And Clara, no longer the girl Noah left behind, is venturing into a double life, rebelling from her stiff political family legacy.

Clara’s curiosity affords her a writing gig on “the lifestyle” and Noah, now a PTSD suffering shut-in, reluctantly takes on teaching her his world of BDSM. Something didn’t sit right with him from the start and his worry for her privacy becomes even more glaring.

As their childhood feelings rush back to one another, many years and experiences have reshaped their sense of trust and who they are at the core. Their respective control and loss of it have made them into a perfect pair of Dom/submissive. The kink of their interplay is not only scorching, it is also very touching.

Anna del Mar offers another delicious wounded war hero and a strong, successful woman in her At The Brink series. In To the Edge, she carefully explores the backgrounds of her secondary characters in the substance of their actions. And here, del Mar is excellent at conveying insecure MCs without making anyone weak or defensive. They are just super hot, with off the charts chemistry and always worthy of their HEA. (Frannie)

*Frannie also mentioned to me that this book is available in audio format, you did know you can get audio books via OverDrive, didn’t you?!!?

Subscription Recommendations: August 25, 2017

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