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Hi Anna and congratulations on the release of your latest book, The Guardian.


When did you start writing and what got you into romantic suspense?

I’ve been dabbing in writing for a little while now, but I only started to write romance a couple of years ago. Last year saw the publication of my first two romantic suspense novels, The Asset and The Stranger. This year, I’m celebrating the release of my latest, The Guardian.

I love romantic suspense. I especially enjoy reading it. The combination of action, adventure and romance is irresistible to me. The ingredients are exciting: Two flawed and complex characters struggling with their demons. An attraction that defies the odds. An explosive, twisting plot that takes place in a remarkable setting. High stakes that matter. Add to that lust and sex on the way to true love, and I’m hooked.

 What is your book about?

 The Guardian is the story of Matthias Hawking, an ex-SEAL turned game warden, engaged in a fierce battle to end poaching in Africa. When Jade Romo, a beautiful, stubborn, fiery journalist defies the poachers, Matthias will do everything in his power to protect the woman who has captured his heart.

What was your inspiration for it?

The Guardian was born during a holiday in Africa. It was supposed to be a no-laptop, no-writing vacation. But I get a lot of inspiration from my trips and this one was packed with inspiration. Tanzania is an amazing country. And who could resist the magnificent Serengeti as the backdrop for an epic love story?

What type of challenges did you face while writing this book?

The Guardian was the type of novel that pretty much wrote itself. After my experiences in Africa, it flowed easily onto the page. Matthias and Jade were a joy to write. But then came the editing and that took forever. Even after that, the wheels of the publishing world came to a grinding halt. Bringing the novel to market tested my resilience but also taught me a lot. I’m a better writer and a wiser person because of The Guardian.

Did your book require a lot of research?

Yes, but I was lucky. I had some amazing guides as I traveled through Tanzania, so I had a great head start.

What do you do when your muse refuses to collaborate?

Haven’t had that problem yet.

 Many writers experience a vague anxiety before they sit down to right. Can you relate to this?

 Nope. I can’t wait to sit down and write.

 Do you have a writing schedule? Are you disciplined?

 I write every day, rain or shine.

 How do you celebrate the completion of a book?

 By starting a new book!

 How do you define success?

Success is a state of the soul. It means you define what makes you whole and you’re committed to your own happiness. The rest is all hype.

 What do you love most about the writer’s life?

 The writing itself. It’s my sweet, sweet indulgence. And my readers. I write for them.

 What is your advice for aspiring authors?

 Write a lot, write now, keep writing.

 George Orwell once wrote: “Writing a book is a horrible, exhausting struggle, like a long bout of some painful illness. One would never undertake such a thing if one were not driven on by some demon whom one can neither resist nor understand.” Thoughts?

 Orwell has a perverse style. I’m not sure I’d use the word “horrible,” but I fear he might be right. Exhaustion is par for the course and there’s a little madness in what we do. Or a lot.

What’s on the horizon for you?

I’m working on a brand new series that I’m really excited about. I also have several new novels in the pipeline. My plan is to hunker down for the remainder of the year and give my readers something new and amazing next year.

 Anything else you’d like to tell my readers?

 If you’d like to experience the majesty of Africa from the comfort of your favorite couch, if you’re looking for a thrilling adventure that will take you in a new journey, spice your day, and warm your heart, give The Guardian a try.

Interview: Anna del Mar, Author of ‘The Guardian’


 The Guardian-SM

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The Serengeti: An Epic Setting for an Epic Romance

 So we went to Africa and yes, we got to see the big five, elephant, rhino, leopard, buffalo, lion and so much more. I’ve always said that traveling is a great source of inspiration and Tanzania was a creative treasure-trove at every level. Perhaps it was unavoidable that a setting as magnificent as the Serengeti would spawn an epic love story in my mind. But the truth is I didn’t set out to write a novel set in Africa. It just came.

I shouldn’t have been surprised. The Serengeti is like a big, fat, juicy award-winning novel, where all the elements of fiction are finely tuned to tell nature’s primeval story. My experiences as a guest in Africa combined to produce my latest romantic suspense novel, The Guardian. The Serengeti birthed it fully formed and ready to take its place on the shelves.

The Guardian is the story of Matthias Hawking, an ex-SEAL turned game warden, engaged in a fierce battle to end poaching in Africa. When Jade Romo, a beautiful, stubborn, fiery journalist defies the poachers, Matthias will do everything in his power to protect the woman who has captured his heart.

Matthias and Jade are a sexy, formidable pair. They burn brightly against the Serengeti’s spectacular setting. And what a setting it is! The stunning beauty of the landscape is a treat to the eyes and inspiration to the soul. The grassy plains go on forever, dotted with the occasional kopjes, rocky outcrops that break the endless horizon. The crocodiles and the hippos rule the waterways. The water holes are places of drama where animals congregate. And the light. I’d never seen anything like it. At dawn and dusk, the light dazzles with shimmering tones of red, golds and cobalt that imbue the place with a magical quality.

The wildlife stuns and amazes at every turn. The lions are the stars that bring hordes of tourist-packed Land Rovers darting from the furthest corners of the Serengeti. Hyenas, cheetahs, and leopards round out the star cast. Only in Africa can you see these stunning predators in the wild.

But despite the predators’ star power, by numbers, the Serengeti belongs to the herds. Zebras, wildebeests and buffalos dominate the plains and the water holes. The giraffes are everywhere. No wonder they are Tanzania’s national animal! The diminutive Thompson gazelles and the delicate Grants can be seen at every turn and so can the warthogs strutting about, tails up, as if they owned the place.

We were fortunate enough to see rhinos during our travels, even though these armored beauties teeter at the brink of extinction. The elephants too are in danger. I fell in love with these amazing, fascinating giants. Their social structure, intelligence and behavior is proof to me of higher awareness and ancient wisdom. That’s why elephants are featured prominently in The Guardian. The story centers on a terrible reality: Thousands of elephants are killed by poachers every year and the killing must stop.

The challenges of conservation in Africa comprise a complicated reality, controversial and often heart wrenching. But the Serengeti is a special place and we MUST do everything we can to help protect it. Hope lies with the diverse, dynamic people of Africa, for whom I have the utmost respect, admiration, and love. I got to meet some amazing people when I traveled in Africa, folks from different backgrounds, religions, and tribes who challenge the odds every day to build a better future for themselves and for humanity. I have a lot more to learn from them. I can’t wait to go back.

PS: Would you like to see the images that inspired the scenes in The Guardian? Click here to see a few of my personal pictures of Africa.

The Guardian-SM

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5.0 out of 5 stars #GUARDMESOMEMORE

Loved, loved, loved this wonderful review of The Guardian:

5.0 out of 5 stars #GUARDMESOMEMORE

HOLY HELL ANNA DEL MAR! WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE?! When I read the blurb for The Guardian, I was very intrigued, but I NEVER SAW THIS EPIC GOODNESS COMING! Jade Romo didn’t have an easy childhood, and although she was adopted by a loving couple, she still battles some demons from early childhood… Now Matthias was a great hero, although at times I wanted to shake him, but he oozed the sexy alpha male. He and Jade together were TNT together, and while very entertaining with their push & pull arguments, that TNT finally EXPLODED into FIERY FLAMES that lit up the African skyline in it’s intensity. And if they were entertaining enough, that cast of colorful secondaries kept me laughing, and I LOVED me some African Proverbs. Anna del Mar is my newest addiction after one book, and trust me it was off the charts exciting, with her super talented writing style that kept me in one position cover to cover with heart racing! Her diabolical twists & turns kept me on my toes with loud f-bombs dropping, and I never wanted the story to end! I CANNOT WAIT to get my hands on more of this amazing author’s work, so I’ll just end with HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

By Jennifer Pierson:  The Power of Three Readers

Thanks to Jennifer Pierson and to all of you who take the time to post your awesome reviews of my novels! AdM

The Guardian-SM

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Sexy Moresomes & Logistics

So, have you heard? My newest erotic romance is a ménage titled Beyond the Rules. This is my first ménage and, classic me, I went all the way and made it a ménage a quatre. Yes, not one, not two, but three extraordinary alphas and one really smart girl, a very lucky woman.

In the story, Nina is a brilliant hacker who crash-lands in the rugged mountains of Montana. She’s fleeing from a deadly enemy and a painful past, and runs straight into the arms of three hot, sexy, mysterious ex-SEALs who have an agreement to share everything and that includes–yup, you guessed it–her.

Tanner Vazquez is a healer at heart, a kind, giving, thoughtful personality profiler, a man who soothes Nina’s broken heart. Aiden Black is sweet, earnest and straightforward, a techy with an off-the-charts IQ who understands how her mind ticks. Balthazar Flint is an enigma, passionate, hard, intense. When he glares at Nina, she has to repress an impulse to kneel at his feet and ask for mercy. He’s a man who could very well unlock the darkness in her soul.

Yummy. No wonder she falls for all three!

The ménage meant I had to juggle four POVs, four completely different characters, and four different approaches to life, romance, and sex. But, hey, I do love a challenge.

So I went for a deliberate, simmering, erotic buildup, where Nina develops sexy, distinct, and nuanced relationships with each man before they give it a go in a group setting. Next I knew, this foursome broke all the rules and the novel caught on fire.

Which left me wrestling with the logistics of an all-out conflagration. Logistics, yes. When you’ve got a three to one ratio in bed, one must remember the basics:

  1. Every part has an owner and every owner has his parts.
  2. The owners–like their parts–are not interchangeable.
  3. So don’t mix, but do match.
  4. Keep track of every person and every part in every situation.
  5. Neither part nor person can be in more than one place at the same time.
  6. Flexibility is desired, in mind and body, but flesh and bone? They only bend so far.
  7. Gravity matters.
  8. Pleasure is the objective but love is the goal. :)

Beyond the Rules-SM

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When Romance and Adventure Collide


I was recently doing an interview when the question came up. “Anna,” the interviewer asked, why do you write romantic suspense?” I actually had to think about that one. A writer’s genre choice is not a simple decision and yet most of the time, we choose our genres not with our brains, but with our hearts.

The short answer to the question is, of course, that I write what I read. And I do love reading romantic suspense. In my mind, romance and suspense are like wine and cheese, vanilla ice cream and chocolate hot fudge. They are amazing in their own right, but when you put them together? Perfection!

I began reading romantic suspense when my aunt thwarted my parents’ radar and sneaked in some of her romance novels into my life. Having been exposed to the full array of classical world literature by age fourteen, you might be surprised or shocked that I never come across an adventure romance. I found I couldn’t put down my aunt’s selections. These books were fun. Moreover, these novels were insightful and heartwarming. They took me to places far from my own realities and sparked my imagination like nothing else. The cherry on top? The sparks. Oh, yeah. I lo-oh-ved those sparks.

Fast-forward to the future and here I am, writing romantic suspense. Unexpected? Hardly. If you think that reading romantic suspense is fun, try writing it. Each novel is an exhilarating, thrilling, fun-tastic journey. Oh, and the places you will go. Case in point, my first romantic suspense novel, The Asset is set in the Rocky Mountains, where I love to play and hike. My second novel, The Stranger takes place in magnificent Alaska. Research demanded several trips. Yes, I know, somebody has to make the tough sacrifices. :)

This year, I’m celebrating the release of my latest, The Guardian, the story of Matthias Hawking, an ex-SEAL turned game warden, engaged in a fierce battle to end poaching in Africa. When Jade Romo, a beautiful, stubborn, fiery journalist defies the poachers, Matthias will do everything in his power to protect the woman who has captured his heart.

The Guardian is exactly the type of romantic suspense novel I like to read, an action-packed journey of the heart, set against an extraordinary background of the Serengeti, imagine that! Oh, yes, I got to go to Africa. I wasn’t intending to write during my holiday to Tanzania, but I couldn’t resist. Thus The Guardian was born inspired by my journey and nourished by my life-long love of romantic suspense.

The combination of action, adventure and romance is irresistible to me. The ingredients are exciting: Two flawed and complex characters struggling with their demons. An attraction that defies the odds. An explosive, twisting plot that takes place in a remarkable setting. Interesting secondary characters and high stakes that matter in and out of bed. Add to that lust and sex on the way to true love and a happy ending, and I’m hooked. Because when romance and adventure collide, sparks fly. And I do love those sparks.


PS: Would you like to see the images that inspired the scenes in The Guardian? Click here to see a few of my pictures of Africa.

The Guardian-SM

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Scandalicious Book Reviews Features To the Edge

It’s so awesome when one of my novels shows up unexpectedly in one of my favorite blogs. This amazing review of To the Edge was featured today at Scandalicious Book Reviews, along with some read recommendations that went on my Kindle on the spot. Good bye long, stressful workweek. Hello hot, sexy, sizzling weekend reads.



Here’s the review:

To the Edge by Anna del Mar (At The Brink #2)

When Noah happens upon Clara, she is in a compromising position. Her research “Dom” seems to have abandoned her. As irony would have it, Noah is the long-lost love of Clara. And Clara, no longer the girl Noah left behind, is venturing into a double life, rebelling from her stiff political family legacy.

Clara’s curiosity affords her a writing gig on “the lifestyle” and Noah, now a PTSD suffering shut-in, reluctantly takes on teaching her his world of BDSM. Something didn’t sit right with him from the start and his worry for her privacy becomes even more glaring.

As their childhood feelings rush back to one another, many years and experiences have reshaped their sense of trust and who they are at the core. Their respective control and loss of it have made them into a perfect pair of Dom/submissive. The kink of their interplay is not only scorching, it is also very touching.

Anna del Mar offers another delicious wounded war hero and a strong, successful woman in her At The Brink series. In To the Edge, she carefully explores the backgrounds of her secondary characters in the substance of their actions. And here, del Mar is excellent at conveying insecure MCs without making anyone weak or defensive. They are just super hot, with off the charts chemistry and always worthy of their HEA. (Frannie)

*Frannie also mentioned to me that this book is available in audio format, you did know you can get audio books via OverDrive, didn’t you?!!?

Subscription Recommendations: August 25, 2017

More praise for Beyond the Rules

I just lo-oh-ved this amazing review of Beyond the Rules. So I had to share:

5 out of 5 stars!

Beyond the Rules-SM

5 stars

This review is going to be in three parts because it deserves lots of attention from all aspects. Tanner, Zar, and Aiden understand this concept well.

First, let me begin by applauding the author on the polish of Beyond The Rules. In nearly every technical aspect, this piece was clean. No plot holes, no glaring grammatical errors, no unanswered questions, no word echoes. Truly a very well written manuscript. However, in all honesty, there may have been tiny issues that were completely overlooked because…

The second point: holy hotness Batman! Ms. del Mar obviously was challenged to write as steamy of a piece as possible and then exceeded every expectation. While there were certainly tender and loving scenes, there were also incredibly desperate and heady encounters that left me reaching for the nearest cold drink. As much as I loved every highly charged and well depicted sexual encounter, I was just as appreciative for the sweet moments, both from the guys and from Nina. She is truly more than just their own sex kitten; she heals them each in very different ways and they her.

Finally, the suspense! Often a book with this kind of themes is simply erotica (and there is exactly zero wrong with that!) but Beyond The Rules manages to offer an intriguing and interesting plot full of mystery that had me often holding my breath and swallowing past a lump of fear.

This is very well-done, and I am thrilled to offer the very first 5 star NetGalley review from this reader.

Thanks to for this awesome review. I’m so honored! And thanks also to all of you wonderful readers who take the time to read and review my novels.  A.

Beyond the Rules Teaser 1 for good


What Readers Are Saying About At the Brink

Thank you 2 image 

I’m so pleased to share some of the awesome At the Brink reviews that have been posted by readers just like you. In the current publishing environment, reviews play a vital role to help a novel rise through the all important and very competitive Amazon ecosystem. So I really want to thank all of you who have posted such glowing reviews for At the Brink. You guys rock!

Five Stars by Pinky1979 on Amazon

“A scorching and intense read!”

“Wow, wow, wow!!! This book far exceeded all my expectations. To be fair, this was my first book by Anna Del Mar and even though the description drew me in; the narrative, the characters, the love scenes and the surprises along the way were delightful and unexpected…

A story full of dark moments and deep emotions. Josh may seem like a control freak with issues at times, but as we get to know him -through his friends and family – we start to understand the sexy man behind the flashy suits. He not only knows how to lead a boardroom, but he is also a legend in the bedroom wink emoticon And trust me, there are plenty of scorching love scenes to prove it. If you like reading about rich and successful CEOs who have a dominant streak, than this book is definitively for you! Can’t wait to read more form Anna Del Mar!”

Five Stars by Donna Repsher on Goodreads

“If I could give it more than a 5-star rating I would”

“Ms. del Mar is certainly quite adept at writing some of the hottest and most compelling erotic scenes I’ve read…but At The Brink is so much more than just another erotic romance novel about a billionaire and his whims. Instead, At The Brink touches on subjects near and dear to this reader’s heart, issues of honesty, trust, forgiveness, and the PTSD that now plagues so many of our returning veterans. It’s a novel filled with intrigue and danger, it’s masterfully written and plotted, it has memorable characters about whom you come to care deeply, and I cannot recommend it highly enough.”

Five Stars By Tammy S on Amazon

“An intense and emotional read!”

“Josh is a successful business man with a haunted past. Lily has done her best to take care of her parent at the expense of her own happiness including, marrying a man who is willing to trade her for money. The chemistry between Josh and Lily is sizzling and the sex scorching. Loved it!”

Five Stars By Erica on Amazon

A Tantalizing, Scorching Read

“At the Brink by Anna Del Mar was such an intriguing read. It’s scorching, intense, and simply demands readers’ attention. With a fairly unconventional plot, I was drawn into the dynamics of the story almost immediately. After the initial hook, the continued delve into a deeper storyline and a deeper relationship between Lily and Josh had me consistently coming back for more.

Lily has so many great qualities, and she loves her art. Josh is the soldier who is successful in life but still has his past that haunts him. Together, they just work. There are so many explosive scenes between the two of them. And despite how they initially get together, they are meant to be.

It is totally scandalous and 100% awesome. This was a definite hit from Anna Del Mar, and I would definitely be interested in reading more in the world of Josh and Lily.

Five Stars By C. McSWAIN on Amazon

“Really loved this!”

“This book is my kind of BOOK. I couldn’t believe it when I started reading and it turned out to be my favorite story line. Very hot guy and the lady of his choice burn up the pages, extremely page turning… can’t wait for book three.”

Five stars by Heather on Goodreads

Another fantastic book by Anna del Mar!!!! This is the second book by this author that I have read and it did not disappoint!!!!

Five stars by Pam on Goodreads

“I really enjoyed this. I loved Josh, a former Navy SEAL with the weight of the world and the death of two friends on his shoulders. I understood why he was so emotionally stunted and just wanted to hug and cuddle him…poor guy. And his father provided some of the best comic relief…

I loved the settings (the Cove) and the supporting characters (Mac, Amman, et al). I shed a few tears, laughed some, and occasionally wanted to yell at the characters. My husband did ask me who I was talking to on one occasion, “Why Josh of course.” He shook his head and returned to his television program.”

Five Stars by Jeri’s Book Attic on Goodreads

“Josh and Lily are such interesting characters – and their development takes place throughout the whole book. It is only on the last pages that their picture becomes complete for the readers. What a rare gift – to tell a story like this.”

Five Stars by Maria11 on Goodreads

“What a gripping powerful story! It starts out very scandalous and some parts outrageous but turns into a heart wrenching romance with a back story that explains it all…

Great emotional read loved it couldn’t put it down even read some at work…but don’t tell. First book from this author and I will check our more from her.”

Five Stars by Sissy’s Romance Book Review For You on Goodreads:

“At The Brink by Anna del Mar is a really hot, emotional book that I could not put down. This is the first book I have read of Anna del Mar and now I am dying to try to get more!… I would ask that you give this book a chance. It has more to it then what can be put down in words. I think you will enjoy the emotional roller coaster ride you get here.”

Thank you image

The Stranger’s Cover

It’s official! The cover for The Stranger, the second book of the Wounded Warrior Novels, coming August 2016, is now final. I’m so pleased to share it here . Take a peek at the newest hero of the series, Alaskan tycoon and helicopter pilot, the formidable Seth Erickson. Nice landscape too. That’s Mount Denali in the background. I think the folks at Carina Press did a phenomenal job. Don’t you?


The Stranger Final Cover Small

More about The Stranger at