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Reviews of The Stranger

Library Journal

“Seth and Summer each have their own baggage, but they are well matched, and their emotional journey works on all levels. Add in some danger and industrial espionage and you have a mix that will appeal to fans of Maya Banks and Lisa Marie Rice.”

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The Romance Review

“I'm obsessed with the frozen, dangerous story that Ms. del Mar has crafted about fire and ice, and it was fantastic! ... I'm looking forward to the next offering in this very excellent series!”

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“Having read the first book, The Asset, all I can say is that The Stranger is another tour de force from del Mar. Once again, she delivers an addictive romantic suspense read with a compelling, emotionally charged plot and engaging, likable characters whom you will root for—not to mention an explosive, passionate love story filled with dangerous twists and turns.

This was a fabulous fast-paced read, simply addictive. Sexy, with a touch of darkness, and humor to boot! But the best are the strong, sympathetic, multi-dimensional protagonists and the way their love evolves. If you haven’t discovered Anna del Mar’s books yet, you’re missing something.”

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Blushing Reads

“As always Anna del Mar has created a world where the chemistry is enough to melt the Alaskan tundra!”

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Happy Ever After Romance Book Reviews

“I was totally taken in by this one. Del Mar has a very vivid way of story-telling, with well-developed and often complex characters. The supporting characters always leave a mark, which is the perfect setup for the next in any series. There’s a lot of action, sex, surprises, and heart-tugging. True Del Mar style. There’s nothing cliche about her works, and it’s her unique writing style that keeps me coming back for more.”

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C.P. Murphy

“If you’re looking for a good romance, with a bit of military background- read the Stranger. The characters are real, the pace is fast, and you will be hungering for more. Great read, thanks Anna de Mar!”

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Carlene Inspired

“I will pick up anything written by Anna del Mar and The Stranger is a perfect example of why ... I highly recommend it to all readers of romance and suspense, especially those that love a particular breed of strong characters.”

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For the Love of Fictional Worlds

“This was the first book for me by this author and honestly, the moment I was done, I went ahead to buy all the books by her within the next five minutes!”

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Bhakti Diaries

“This book is a classic case of perfect ingredients resulting in an interesting read. A complete page turner indeed. Must read especially for the diehard romantics. You will get your dose of Romance, Passion, Drama, Suspense, Mystery all in one. Perfect Indeed!!”

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Crazy K.A.L.M

“Anna de Mar's book was a great read, the growing love story between the two main characters Summer and Seth, alongside the thrilling danger that Summer faces, with someone trying to kill her. The chemistry between the two leads came through well and I found myself rooting for them as the book progressed. I loved the wintry setting for this book, with the ice and freezing weather a great contrast to the growing heat between our hero and heroine…This was an exciting read, a great mix of danger and love. Recommended.”

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The Indie Bookshelf

“I loved The Stranger. I loved the play between Summer and Seth. Summer is strong woman who doesn't get intimidated by the wilderness or the larger than life characters that live there.

Ms. del Mar has given us a great story with writing that flows around you like melted snow pack. There is intrigue, danger, quirky people, jealously, sexy times, secrets, and fierce loyalty. All covered in a layer of ice and snow and star filled nights.”

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What readers like you are saying about The Stranger:

“This is the third book I have read by this author and it was just as good as the others! While this is the second book in a series, it can be read as a stand alone so if you haven't already read the first book you should definitely pick this one up!”

Heather123, Amazon

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