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Reviews of The Asset

Library Journal

“Author del Mar does the wounded warrior romance just about right...The romance is nicely and slowly built, and Ash, though a warrior, is not an over-the-top alpha. A military romance that will appeal to fans of Lora Leigh and Linda Howard.”

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Midwest Book Review

“Trying to survive from a deadly past that torments her, Lia Stewart is hiding in a small Rocky Mountain town until, one day, a wounded warrior with a dog shows on her doorstep; a gravely injured SEAL with a heart and soul just as tortured as hers. Against her best judgment, she decides to help him – a kind act that may cost her life. The Asset by Anna del Mar is an emotionally compelling and sizzling romance, has two protagonists to die for, a well-thought out plot with carefully-timed, revealing twists, mounting tension, and thrills that will keep you turning pages ... del Mar is an exciting new name in the steamy romance genre and I look forward to read more from her. If you love romance, especially military romance, this is a must read.”

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Night Owl Romance

“Top Pick and Five Stars! ... The unexpected twists to this exciting story kept me enthralled until the last fascinating word ... a wonderful start to the series and I can only hope that future stories continue to showcase such compelling characters in equally exciting and mesmerizing situations.”

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The Romance Review

“I really REALLY loved THE ASSET, the first in the planned Wounded Warriors series. Ash was a freakin’ fantastic hero, one that women can both swoon over and be in awe of. Lia was also incredible, such a survivor and a strong, independent woman despite the terribly shitty life hand she’d been dealt…The intrigue and danger elements of this book were extremely well written and played out. Additionally, the story was fast paced without being overdone. And when everything came to a head, I felt like I was balancing on a tight wire of tension, it was excellent!”

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Book Briefs

“This book had so much more action in it than I was expecting. Yes it is a very nice love story as well, but this book would make a kick ass, high budget, let's blow things up action thriller. ….Bottom line: Whether you are a character driven reader, or a plot driven reader- the Asset will appeal to you. This is a kick butt book with a strong romance, strong characters and action galore. Check it out.”

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The Suburban Eclectic Review

“Complex characters, heart wrenching subject matter, quiet sensuality, and strength, The Asset will give you all the feels ... If you love romance, action, or thrillers than you need to read The Asset because it has it all and is told with gravity and graciousness. I cannot wait to read more from Anna del Mar and The Wounded Warrior series.”

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Blushing Reads

“This was an emotional roller coaster ride for me like no other! I should warn you that this is anything but the nice and sweet romance you may be thinking. It is dark at times and filled with suspense ... While this is the first book in the series I am super excited about reading each book that follows. If they are all as suspenseful and exciting as this one then I will be one happy gal!”

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“WOW! What an amazing debut novel! This is definitely not a 'nice romance', it is a suspense filled, stunning novel which has has well portrayed characters, a superb, enthralling plot and is a real page turner ... It is an action packed read that I have no hesitation in highly recommending, it is definitely one of my favourite reads for this year so far and, I suspect, will still be a favourite for the year.”


Romance Authors That Rock

“I give this book 5 hearts! ... If you’re anything like me you’ll fall in love with these two wonderful people as they find strength, trust, passion and love in each other.”


Harlequin Junkie

“The Asset by Anna del Mar will take our heroine on a dark, emotional rollercoaster in order to get her happily ever after…but she will get it! This is the debut novel for the Wounded Warrior series and I for one, can’t wait for the next book in the series. This author has captured my attention with her well-written words, strong characters, and vivid storyline.”

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Literary Addicts

“The scenes are well written with great details that captures the imagination and make it easy for the reader to become immersed in the story and relate to the characters while the intriguing events hold them hostage throughout. ... I was glued to the pages from the very beginning and couldn't put it down...”

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Happy Ever After Book Reviews

“With boatloads of chemistry and action, this romance is built on a solid plot, well-developed characters, and vivid descriptions.”

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What readers like you are saying about The Asset:

“The Asset is Anna del Mar's debut novel, and wow, what a spellbinder she's written in this un-put-down-able wounded warrior story!....The Asset is, perhaps, one of the best and most well-written debut novels I've read in years, and judging by the fact I simply couldn't put it down, I cannot wait to read this author's next book.”

Donna Repsher, Goodreads

“Military romance is one of my favorite genres and it is hard to find really good ones that will stay with you. I could not put this book down and literally debated on why sleep was important. It has been awhile since a book has grabbed me in such a way…”

Tifferz, Goodreads

“Fascinating romantic suspense story, built in a fresh, unique way, giving a different look at the action, and the psychological angle to the terror and dread...This story goes deep, with both suspense, and in romance. It has a unique tone, it has a different angle, it allures with the twists, it fascinates with the characters and their faith in life, and it makes you take notice with the intense, fiery, violent action. Highly recommend with ~ Five Spoons!”

Books and Spoons, Goodreads

“This is an intriguing story of developing friendship, caring, sharing and trust. I loved both characters and hoped they would get their happily ever after. When the men that came to assist Ash toward the end of the story arrived the action intensified and the stage was set for future books in the series. I truly look forward to finding out more about Ash’s business partner, Manny, Will, Wang, Jordan and perhaps others that may make their way into this series. Anna del Mar has a great future as an author if this, her debut novel, is any indication of the caliber of stories she has to tell!”

Cathy Geha, Goodreads
“What a great story The Asset by Anna Del Mar was! The characters are strong with fiery tempers and had just the right amount of attitude. The story had plenty of suspense, danger, sizzling romance, and heart-pounding action!

The Asset is a very likable story. From the action to characters to the romance, it is one of those stories that leave my heart pounding and has me on the edge of my seat. I really enjoyed this and am looking forward to reading book 2 in this series by Anna Del Mar.

I gave The Asset by Anna Del Mar a STUPENDOUS FIVE SHOOTING STARS! This is a book worth reading over and over again!”

Marie’s Tempting Reads, Goodreads

“What an incredible, complex, sometimes dark, emotional rollercoaster ride. There was action, suspense, and broken characters trying to heal physically, emotionally, and mentally... This was not what I expected when I first started reading, but as I continued to read and the story began to enfold – Lia (the protagonist) became a warrior in her own right. What she did and had to do to survive was heart-breaking as well as inspiring. She no longer was a victim, but a survivor who decided “NO MORE” and did what she had to do to make it so.”

Lady Heather, Goodreads

“I am not one for “Broken Characters.” In fact I wouldn’t call these Ash and Lia characters broken at all they were simple amazing to read about. I enjoyed the fact that Anna Del Mar didn’t create instate love or lust she allowed the characters to grow over time getting to connect and grow together. It was head to read the emotional, physical and abuse that Lia goes though. The author was able to paint such an emotional picture the reader will have a hard time letting the characters go. The Asset is a roller coaster of emotions that will have the reader wanting to hug Lia as she opens up to Ash. This book is a perfect romance and thankful lacking the typical trapping if insta-love.”

Book Him Danno, Goodreads

“Excellent story! This is a new author for me, but this won't be the last book I'll read by her. Great character development (primary and secondary), interesting multi-layered plots, and a wonderful writing style. I had a hard time putting this down, and only did once in order to charge my Kindle-- I couldn't wait to get back to the story. I enjoyed the complexity of different threads and sub-plots which made for a more enjoyable read. This one's a winner!”

T., Goodreads

“Packed with powerful characters that will ensnare your heart by the end of the first chapter, this very suspenseful romance is full of heart, soul, and intelligence.”

Aaron Lazar, Goodreads

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