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Troy Battleson is a man with many secrets. No wonder his call sign is Rogue.

A former special operations pilot, Troy is now a ferocious lawyer engaged in a high-stakes mission to catch a mysterious enemy. Handsome and smooth-talking, he hides his past behind an extensive catalog of manipulating charm.

Marisol Mendez is a scientist playing the dangerous role of spy. She's on a mission of her own to avenge her sister’s murder and preserve her family’s legacy.

The most dangerous thing they could do is fall in love...

Meet Rogue.

Troy Battleson is a man with many secrets. No wonder his call sign is Rogue. An ex-Night Stalker, Troy is also a ferocious lawyer who’s never lost a case, engaged in a high-stakes operation to catch a mysterious foe. Handsome and smooth-talking, Troy comes across as a lady’s man and a sleek operator who hides behind an extensive catalog of manipulating charm.

Meet Mischief.

The protective mask Troy wears is ripped off when he meets crazy-smart, gutsy, feisty Marisol Mendez, who refuses to fall for his standard pickup lines. A scientist playing the dangerous role of a spy, Marisol is on a mission of her own to avenge her sister’s murder and preserve her family’s legacy. To do so, she will lie, cheat, and destroy anyone who gets in the way.

Troy is the only man who can help Marisol achieve her goals. That is, if she can survive their ruthless enemies and find a way not to fall in love with the man behind the mask.

Rogue is about to run into Mischief. Will it take?

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What Amazon Readers Are Saying

5.0 out of 5 stars
What a find!: "What a find!

These magnificent men have each had a horrible childhood before meeting in juvie and becoming true brothers through adoption. All different, but with a strong sense of justice. The women they get set up with (courtesy of Tee) are amazing.

Books are full of action and emotion as they fight to discover who wants to destroy them. These men and women are very into one another, and the relationship between the brothers (and wives) is heartwarming.

Read the first three books in three days (missed out on some sleep), and can’t wait for Apollo’s book next (coming out in a month’ time) and then Kass and Tee’s book is supposedly the last one, but really, Trev and Rey deserve their own book and not just a byline in someone else’s book... Please?"
5.0 out of 5 stars
The "Fixer" Meets Small and Mighty: "Wow. The "Fixer" meets the small and mighty. Troy and Marisol. This is their story. It is a standalone but so much better when read after Books 1 (Jax) and 2 (Max). Protector, Rescuer, Strong, Smart, Quick Thinking and so much more. These descriptors belong to both Troy and Marisol. I could not put the book down (maybe even more intense than the first 2 books). Bravo. I have Book 4 (Apollo) preordered and purchased more books by Anna del Mar."
5.0 out of 5 stars
A gripping, steamy, exciting novel of romantic suspense: "Troy is the third novel in Anna del Mar's addictive Alpha Heroes series, a series I've been following and enjoying immensely since its inception, and this novel is no exception. It is another exciting, sexy, emotional, intense novel of romantic suspense, and it gets 5 stars from this reader…

Troy is a lawyer, but his military service as a sniper, Night Stalker and helicopter pilot gave him plenty of skills. He's handsome, smart, sexy, and has no intention of falling in love--ever, but then Marisol Mendez comes looking for him, and all his preconceptions are about to change…

As in the previous novels in this series, there is no shortage of danger, violence, steamy sex, and character development as these two people on a joint mission against evil can possibly generate. Danger is everywhere, and Marisol is no pushover, nor is she a shrinking violet--she's a brilliant mathematician and biochemical researcher, and a perfect foil for a strong alpha male like Troy.

So, your mission is to grab a copy of this novel, (hopefully having read the previous novels in the series first, although this can be read as a standalone), find a comfortable chair and get ready for one heck of a suspenseful, gripping, sexy and emotional read, Anna del Mar style. You won't be disappointed."
5.0 out of 5 stars
A fantastic series worth reading: "This is the third in a fantastic romantic suspense series and my favorite one yet. When Marisol Mendez finds herself on the run from a corrupt government official who won't stop until he kills her, she turns to Troy Battleson in desperation. A mutual friend has told Marisol she can trust the Battleson brothers to help her, but once she meets Troy she finds it difficult to hide her attraction to him.

Troy doesn't believe in the kind of love that lasts forever, and with good reason, but something about Marisol Mendez gives him pause. When he finds out exactly how much trouble she's in, and that there's more to the enemies they're both seeking than they'd realise, he knows he can't let her go, no matter how much she hurts him. While playing a cat and mouse game with their enemies, Troy and Marisol fall in love against the odds. But can it possibly last? This book will drawn you in and won't let go until the last word. Highly enjoyable and worth the read."
5.0 out of 5 stars
Troy: "This book was great just like the first two it will make you laugh and cry when reading about the heartache these two people went through to heal each others souls and the love that grows between the Alpha Hero and the girl he saved are awesome the action will keep you on the edge of your seat till the very end this series is a fantastic read can't wait for the next book to come out!"
5.0 out of 5 stars
Troy by Anna del Mar: "Anna is a great writer and I enjoyed the words she wove together to make this a great read. Kept my interest to the end and will be reading more of her books."

Alpha Heroes Book 3

Romantic suspense, Military romance, SEAL romance, sexy billionaire romance, special forces romance, contemporary romance

Publisher: Ashton Publishing Group

Publishing Date: May 6, 2020

Cover Design: Rocking Book Covers

Edited by: Donna Alward and Sue Higgins

ISBN: 9798638886769

ASIN: B085M25FM6