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Mackenzie Cienfuegos is Elite Team’s original badass—a hard-living, high-voltage, adrenaline junkie. A formidable Delta Force operator and a legendary black ops specialist, he burns through his enemies like wildfire.

No wonder his teammates call him Blaze.

Danica Kos is an American diplomat with more secrets than one woman can hold. She’s refined, cultured, sophisticated, and exacting about everything she does. After landing her dream job as a cultural attaché in Europe, she’s on top of the world.

That is, until war breaks out, she’s given a dangerous assignment that could be her last, and her secrets begin to unravel.

Now, her only hope to protect everything she holds dear and survive her mission lies with Mac, the unfiltered, high-spirited Delta she once had an unforgettable fling with, the one person she can’t control, and the man who changed her life forever.

Rescuing her from a mission gone wrong is not the most dangerous thing that Mac has in mind.

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Alpha Heroes Book 9

Publisher: Ashton Publishing Group