5 out of 5 Faeries for The Guardian

I’m so proud of this awesome review of The Guardian and happy to collect my 5 Faeries.

5 out of 5 Faeries!

Forget everything you think you know about romance novels, and buckle in for a wild ride. The setting isn’t the only thing that brings the heat in this amazing tale of love, daring, and fighting for what’s right. But can two alphas really fall in love, and submit completely to the desires whirling within? You’ll have to read this unforgettable book to find out!”




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Happy Book Birthday to The Guardian!

The Guardian-SM

It’s officially release day for The Guardian, my latest romantic suspense, and for me that means giving thanks to all the wonderful folks who contributed to this project.

My special thanks to Nancy Cassidy who worked through several versions of this manuscript with saintly patience and devilish determination. Without her, this book would not have seen the light of day. Huge thanks to Malley Simon, Grant Nel and all the wonderful people of Tanzania, who extended me such warm hospitality. A Special thanks to my hubby, who is a great sport as I drag him all over the world, and to my family, who put up with my writer’s quirks with such love and patience.

Much gratitude goes to my alpha readers who gave me such great feedback as I polished The Guardian. A shout out to my online promoter Aileen Aroma and to Chris Bowyer, who spend quite a lot of time wrestling with my pictures of Africa. Thanks also to Barclay publicity and all the many bloggers and reviewers who are helping to promote this launch.

And as always, from the bottom of my heart, thanks to you, the reader, for supporting my work with your read and your reviews, and for coming along in my adventures. You know who you are! I thrive on the great friendships you’ve offered along the way. Your love and support mean the world to me.


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The Guardian’s First Review

The Guardian-SM

As you know, I like to share the first pre-launch review of a new novel with my readers. The Guardian, coming October 1st just got its first review posted on Goodreads! And it’s a great one! I want to thank this AMAZING reviewer for this AWESOME five star review.

Here it is:



Let me start my admitting to absolutely loving Anna del Mar’s Wounded Warrior series, and this third book in the series is no exception. From the first page to the last, this novel grabbed me and didn’t let go for a minute. It’s a 5-star read.

One of the things I love about this series is the settings. We went to Alaska in the last book and what an about-face to find ourselves just about to land in Tanzania, at a private wildlife game reserve, Pacha Ziwa, in the Seregeti, where the heroine, world renowned NatGeo photographer and documentary film-maker, Jade Romo, along with three other female visitors to the reserve, are about to set down in their small plane. In addition to her current job, Jade is also a former marine, and she’s one of the toughest, pushiest, most independent, tough-as-nails, and kickass heroines you’re likely to find, and I absolutely loved that about her.

Jade is soon to meet her match in the person of Game Warden, head honcho, and sexy as all get-out, Matthias Hawking, a take-no-prisoners, wounded ex-SEAL, who really doesn’t want Jade, or any of her companions on the reserve–especially Jade. To say that these two alpha characters strike sparks off each other is like comparing a single matchstick to a forest fire, but both of them keep their interest in each other well hidden.

Matthias is not just a game warden–he’s committed to conservation efforts and to rounding up the wily and evil poachers who have been decimating the local wildlife, especially the herd of elephants, whose ivory they’re after. There’s far more to this story than just a band of poachers, so settle in and get set for a tale of lies and half-truths, violence, lust, near rape, human trafficking, abduction, genital mutilation, murder, blackmail, terrorists, world politics and international intrigue. Some of the aforementioned may be triggers for some readers, so be advised.

Both Matthias and Jade have secrets they’re keeping, and rather than risk giving away those secrets, I’ll just say that this novel is as exciting as it gets, a true page-turner, loaded with twists, turns and danger around every corner. It’s also one very hot read, and not for the young or faint of heart. It deals with many of the issues in present-day Africa and it does so in a way that makes them very personal. Kudos to Ms. del Mar, who, in addition to writing one un-put-down-able novel, not only exposes so many of these issues, but does so in a way that truly touches the heart. Do not miss this one!

I voluntarily read an advanced reader copy of this novel. The opinions expressed are my own.

At the Brink is on sale!

AtTheBrink (1)At the Brink is on sale for 99 cents, but only for a little while. If you’ve been waiting for a chance to read the novel that started my At the Brink series, this is it!

At the Brink is a sizzling erotic romance in the vein of To the Edge and Beyond the Rules. It is explicit, complex and kinky. So please… proceed at your own risk. :)


Sexy Reads- At the Brink

Josh Lane, decorated war hero and former SEAL turned successful entrepreneur, is blunt, ruthless, intense and exacting; a workaholic driven by internal demons, a man who doesn’t play games, except in bed, of course, where he is always in command. When he meets Lily Boswell, a talented but stifled artist trapped in a dangerous situation, he devises a sexual agreement that explores their most primal erotic cravings, the only chance he might have to protect her and vanish the demons that haunt his dreams.

More about At the Brink here

Preview At the Brink here.

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An interview with Anna del Mar


My interview with T’s Stuff, reprinted here in its entirety.  Enjoy! A.

T: You are known for your bestselling romantic suspense. Why do you write erotic romance?

AdM: Great question! You are absolutely right. Most people are familiar with my romantic suspense novels, The Asset and The Stranger. But I also love to write erotic romance for my more audacious readers, novels like At the Brink, To the Edge and now Beyond the Rules.

My erotic romance novels feature sizzling, heart-warming romances and graphic, kinky, really intense sex scenes. But they also have a strong element of suspense, intricate plots, and characters who matter in and out of bed. Whether I’m writing romantic suspense or erotic romance, quality matters.

I write erotic romance because I think that sex is an important, natural part of our lives that should be celebrated, not suppressed. I’m always shocked by how we as a society continue to be so repressed and repressive on the topic of sex. We are constantly projecting sexual and sexualized images in all of our media and yet most aspects of sex continue to be taboo. Why? Let’s talk about! Let’s embrace sex in all of its positive expressions.

In my erotic romance, sex is a good thing, cathartic, transformative, healing; fun and panty-melting hot, but also meaningful. In the context of love, sex is a sublime subject.

T: Your latest release, Beyond the Rules, is a ménage a quatre. Why a ménage and how was it different to write?

AdM: I love to explore sex and love in all of its forms. Beyond the Rules is a ménage that features three very sexy, brawny alphas and their mission to conquer one woman’s heart. In the story, Nina Leon is a brilliant hacker who crash-lands in the rugged mountains of Montana while fleeing from a deadly enemy and a painful past. She runs straight into the arms of three hot, brave, mysterious ex-SEALs who have an agreement to share everything. And now, that includes her.

Writing a ménage meant I had to juggle four POVs, four completely different characters, and four different approaches to life, romance, and sex. But, hey, I do love a challenge! I really enjoyed writing three very distinct alpha males, Tanner Vazquez, Aiden Black, and Zar Flint. I loved getting into their heads and understanding who they were and why. Each guy has his own set of strengths and weaknesses, traits and quirks. Each guy is attracted to Nina and appeals to her in a different way. And each man is eye candy in every way.

In addition, each guy has his own very specific sexual preferences. Aiden is generally vanilla, Tanner is flexible, Zar is all about kink. Variety only added layers to the story, fun, sexy, supremely erotic layers that caught this novel on fire.

T: How does Beyond the Rules fit in with the rest of your work?

 AdM: Beyond the Rules is in the vein of At the Brink and To the Edge. The cool thing about all of my novels is that you don’t have to read them in any particular order. If you’ve read the other novels you may recognize a character here or there, but you wouldn’t be missing a thing.

T: What’s your next project?

AdM: Next up, comes The Guardian, a romantic suspense that releases October 1st. The Guardian is about ex-SEAL turned game warden, Matthias Hawking, who is engaged in a fierce battle to end poaching in Africa. But when a beautiful journalist defies the poachers, he will do everything in his power to protect Jade Romo, the woman who has captured his heart. I think readers of romantic suspense are going to love Matthias Hawking and the fiery Jade Romo. Take a peek, here! And while you’re at it, take a look at Beyond the Rules first chapter.



Scandalicious Book Reviews Features To the Edge

It’s so awesome when one of my novels shows up unexpectedly in one of my favorite blogs. This amazing review of To the Edge was featured today at Scandalicious Book Reviews, along with some read recommendations that went on my Kindle on the spot. Good bye long, stressful workweek. Hello hot, sexy, sizzling weekend reads.



Here’s the review:

To the Edge by Anna del Mar (At The Brink #2)

When Noah happens upon Clara, she is in a compromising position. Her research “Dom” seems to have abandoned her. As irony would have it, Noah is the long-lost love of Clara. And Clara, no longer the girl Noah left behind, is venturing into a double life, rebelling from her stiff political family legacy.

Clara’s curiosity affords her a writing gig on “the lifestyle” and Noah, now a PTSD suffering shut-in, reluctantly takes on teaching her his world of BDSM. Something didn’t sit right with him from the start and his worry for her privacy becomes even more glaring.

As their childhood feelings rush back to one another, many years and experiences have reshaped their sense of trust and who they are at the core. Their respective control and loss of it have made them into a perfect pair of Dom/submissive. The kink of their interplay is not only scorching, it is also very touching.

Anna del Mar offers another delicious wounded war hero and a strong, successful woman in her At The Brink series. In To the Edge, she carefully explores the backgrounds of her secondary characters in the substance of their actions. And here, del Mar is excellent at conveying insecure MCs without making anyone weak or defensive. They are just super hot, with off the charts chemistry and always worthy of their HEA. (Frannie)

*Frannie also mentioned to me that this book is available in audio format, you did know you can get audio books via OverDrive, didn’t you?!!?

Subscription Recommendations: August 25, 2017

Beyond the Rules is now available in print

Look what just arrived in the mail today! The purple looks beautiful. It really pops! I’m so excited! Beyond the Rules is now available in print.


Beyond the Rules Print Books Small size


And thanks to all of you who’ve been posting AMAZING reviews of Beyond the Rules.

Check them out here.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Happy Book Birthday to Beyond the Rules!

Beyond the Rules Release Day

Hello everybody,

Beyond the Rules is out today, available from Amazon, B&N and Kobo, right now.

 The release of a new novel is always a joyous occasion for an author, summit day after a long, arduous trek. For me, release day is yet another opportunity to thank the many people who contributed with their hard work and talents to the making of Beyond the Rules.

 A huge load of gratitude goes to my editor, Nancy Cassidy, whose valuable insights challenged me to realize the full potential of each of the characters in Beyond the Rules. At a time when publishers are mostly buying wham-bam thank you ma’ams, she reminded me that the brain is the most important sexual organ and that there’s still a place in the world for sizzling and smart, panty-melting and top quality, the kind of erotic romances I’m committed to writing.

 My sincere thanks to Donna Alward, who polished the final versions of this manuscript to a shine. Donna is also the author of over forty sweet and bright contemporary romances. Her work on Beyond the Rules is greatly appreciated. 

 Thank you also to my hubby, family, and friends, who put up daily with my writing addiction. You guys rock!

 Thank you especially to the wonderful folks who help promote my work, including Aileen Aroma and her street team, my peers and fellow writers who walk the road with me, and the hundreds of bloggers who help get the word out every day. Special gratitude to all the dedicated reviewers who take the time to post awesome reviews of my novels. You guys have a special place in my heart.

 And as always, thank you, the reader, for supporting my career, for spending your precious time reading my stories, and for allowing me the extraordinary privilege of writing for you.






Beyond the Rules is out tomorrow!

beyond the rules_upcoming

Beyond the Rules is out tomorrow, so lots going on this release week. Here’s a quick recap:

I’m on Roxanne’s Realm today, talking about funny moresome “logistics.”

Here’s a preview:

1. Every part has an owner and every owner has his parts.
2. The owners—like their parts—are not interchangeable.
3. So don’t mix, but do match.

More laughs here.

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Beyond the Rules goes on virtual tour blog today. Follow the tour here.

Lots of awesome pre-release reviews here.

Beyond the Rules Teaser 2 love is the mission

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