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If you’ve been waiting for a chance to purchase my erotic romance, At the Brink, December 22nd is the day. To celebrate the release of To the Edge, the second book of the At the Brink Novels, Carina Press is offering At the Brink as a Kindle Daily Deal. But it’s only December 22nd, so don’t forget to download At the Brink right now.

Heroes at the Brink

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Also available now, To the Edge.

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On sale: The Asset AND The Stranger are both Kindle Daily Deals, December 16th ONLY!

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If you’ve been waiting for a chance to purchase the Wounded Warriors Novels, December 16th is the day! To celebrate the release of To the Edge, Carina Press is offering The Asset and The Stranger as Kindle Daily Deals, but only for today. Don’t miss this chance. Download them now.

And keep an eye out for December 22nd. A little bird told me that maybe, just maybe, At the Brink may be a Kindle Daily Deal, also for one day only. :)

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FREE digital sampler! Wild Winter Nights: A Sizzling Sampler


As a special gift for readers of erotic romance, the Carina Press and Harlequin marketing teams have created a fun and exciting FREE digital sampler! Wild Winter Nights: A Sizzling Sampler. It includes an excerpt from To the Edge, by yours truly, but also chapters by some of my favorite erotic romance authors, like:

Under Pressure by Lori Foster

The Darkest Torment by Gena Showalter

The Greek’s Christmas Bride by Lynne Graham

Those Texas Nights by Delores Fossen

Everything for Her by Alexa Riley

Forged in Desire by Brenda Jackson

One Hot December by Tiffany Reisz

Call to Honor by Tawny Weber

Hold Me, Cowboy by Maisey Yates

To the Edge by Anna del Mar

Bound by a Scandalous Secret by Diane Gaston

Snuggle in and let yourself be whisked away by some of the hottest romance stories of the year. Download now and enjoy!


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Thanks for your reviews!

I want to thank all of you have posted reviews on Amazon, Goodreads and your blogs. I really appreciate the read. Today I came home to find a fabulous 5 Star review of To the Edge posted on Goodreads by Donna Repsher. It reads in part:

Anna del Mar really does push BDSM erotica to the edge with this one, the second novel in her At the Brink series and it earns 5+ stars from this reader. It’s a well-researched, well-written, sexy, steamy, holy hotness, second chance romance and it worked for this reader on every level…

 If you like your novels hot, want to see BDSM accurately portrayed, read wounded warrior romances and love second chance at romance novels, grab a copy of To the Edge–you won’t be disappointed.

Read the entire review at

Thanks, Donna Repsher, and thanks again to all of you who post reviews on behalf of my novels.

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To the Edge is out today!

To the Edge Launch Day

It’s time for celebrations again. To the Edge is out today, from Carina Press.

By now you all know I celebrate with gratitude—and a glass of champagne. So…

Thanks to all of the hard working folks at Carina Press and Harlequin who contributed to the novel’s publication. A very special thanks to Kerri Buckley, who edited To the Edge in the midst of her own greatest adventure. Gratitude also to Heather Goldman, Stephanie Doig, and Angela James, who runs a pretty classy press.

My thanks to my personal editor, Nancy Cassidy, who’s been the North Star on this wild journey. Thanks also to Aileen Aroma, Kismet Book Tours, Bewitching Book tours, and all of their awesome bloggers for helping get the word out. Thanks to my family and specially my husband who puts up so gracefully with my writing addiction. Without his support, writing doesn’t happen.

And finally, I have this to say to the thousands of clever, thoughtful, amazing readers who’ve given my novels a chance: I write for you and, for the privilege, I thank you.

Keep calm and drink the champagne

To The Edge Final from Harlequin

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To the Edge: “Mind blowing. Captivating. Erotic. Mind bending. Suspenseful. Flammable. It’s so freaking hot!”

Hello there,

As you know, I have a tradition of posting the first ARC review of a new release here. To the Edge, coming November 14th, was posted on NetGalley last week. I don’t know this reader, but I want to thank Ayekah for posting this first, AMAZING, Five Star review of To the Edge on Goodreads.

It’s always wonderful to hear from readers who enjoy what I write. I cherish the personal connection a novel creates between the reader and the writer, you and me. A new release always entails a great amount of nail biting over here. This review had me nearly crying from joy!

Thanks again to Ayekah for kicking off the launch of To the Edge with her review and thanks to all of you who previewed or are currently previewing To the Edge’s ARC. Yes, it is my sexiest, kinkiest, most explicit erotic romance yet and I love it like that. :) As always, especial thanks to all of you who choose to read and support my books. I wake up thinking about you every morning, plotting about ways to make you smile at the end of a satisfying read.



From Goodreads:                 To The Edge Final from Harlequin

Ayekah rated it: It was amazing Five Stars!

Shelves: arcalphapanty-meltingsuspensedominantmake-mine-a-sealsexual-tensionbdsmexplicit-sexserious-steamsmoking-hotptsdwar-relatedsecond-chancemilitarythe-book-has-it-all

Mind blowing. Captivating. Erotic. Mind bending. Suspenseful. Flammable. It’s so freaking hot!

What the hell did I just read? Seriously, I am still recovering from this one. Anna just goes over the top and runs with this story.

We have Noah, ex SEAL now living on Avalon an island in the Chesapeake Bay where he first met Clara Luz his first love. Noah has bought a house there and still works special ops with his team from his home. Noah suffers from severe PTSD and cannot leave the house. Although he’s got a little green bottle of “rescue” that in dire times he can drink a sip and manage to get out, problem is it makes him sick as a dog afterwards. His heart rests with Clara.

Meet Clara Luz, love of Noah’s young life. They meet here on the island one summer, he’s set to go to the Naval Academy, he just needs a letter of recommendation from Clara’s power hungry Senator Mother. That he gets. And a very unfriendly push off the island and a warning. None of which Clara is aware of, she only knows Noah left her and she still misses him.

A little backstory on Clara which was interesting. Clara was a sperm donor baby, her all mighty powerful mother chose the donor carefully and was a single Mom. Mother is a word I use loosely. She’s cruel, has ridiculous expectations and Clara feels like she’s been nothing but a disappointment to her. Clara runs her mother’s foundation which relies on heavy hitter donors and funds many social programs some near and dear to Clara’s heart. Clara also writes a blog, in secret. It’s a sex advice blog and is very popular.

When she’s approached by an old mentor who wants to merge with her and also wants her do to a story on BDSM 101, Clara reluctantly agrees. Old mentor fixes her up with a “Dom”, Clara’s rules are very clear. They meet at the house on Avalon. He puts her in a cage, handcuffed and leaves the house to get coffee. Clara, blindfolded smells something and it’s smoke. She can’t see. After she manages to free her feet, she then hears a male voice. That would be Noah.

He frees her, gets sick from drinking the “remedy” and she stays at his place and takes care of him. They work out a lot of their past misinformation and miscommunication. Noah’s out of it for a couple days. Clara comes up with the idea that Noah can help her with this article because he has some experience in the arena, so he agrees. She’s clueless about sex much less BDSM and her sass makes her a delightful sub. Dom Noah is one powerful man and the smoke and flame comes right off the pages in this book. He takes Clara to places that she would have never gone. He’s fair but cuts her no slack- at all. Add to that their relationship is developing and Noah is still involved with taking down a lead terrorist who has been evasive. Clara hooks him up with her Dr who has helped her, there is a new program for PTSD so he spends his time doing that online also. He demands from Clara at his beck and call. She’s the match to his gasoline.

It’s one hell of a story. There’s so much subterfuge, the backstories are so involved yet so clear, there are secondary characters that all snap into place. We see Josh again from the previous book who is still having Lily trouble. I had to put this down for an hour. I really did. There are several twists in the subplot that keep you on edge, couple that with the expectation of what Noah is going to bring to the attic next. Whew! Intense. It’s intense. I loved it. Anna never ceases to amaze me, her stories capture the PTSD element so very well, and her characters are larger than life. This is her edgiest book thus far and man does she nail it. It’s a must read. Noah and Clara, trust me. No, trust Noah.

I hated to see this end, but I look forward to the next book in the series.

**arc from NetGalley and Publisher Carina Press** in exchange for an honest review.

To the Edge Is Going on Virtual Book Tour!

Hello everybody,

My latest release, To the Edge, is going on Virtual Book Tour! This is by far my hottest erotic romance yet, so proceed at your own risk. :) If you are a blogger or a reviewer and would like to participate in the tour, we’d love to have you. I’m happy to answer your questions or write a personalized post. Advance Review Copies will also be available. To the Edge is out November 14th, so sign up now. I can’t wait to visit with you.


For sign up and additional information, go to:…/10/to-the-edge-by-anna-del-mar/

 To The Edge Final from Harlequin